Friendship quotes

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” – Unknown

The above quote is from an unknown writer and related to inspirational quotes about friends in which he says that a friend is someone accepts you the way are without judging you and always motivates to be a better person also a friend is someone who accepts your past no matter how bad it is and also believes in your future and help you out in making your future bright. In the above the quote Confucius says that, when there is something which you don’t want to do it yourself then don’t do it with others because what you not good for will also not good for others too. What you find good for you also understand this is good for others too. Change your thinking if you think that if something is not good for you then this is also not good for others because when you start having bad intentions for others then no one will be good to you. The quote is from inspirational quotes about friends.  if you feel comfortable with someone don’t make them your friend because friends are not someone to be comfortable. Friends are the one who always encourages you to be a better person and also help you to be a better person in your life. Choose friends wisely if you want to be great person in your life. This quote is related to inspirational quotes about friends. So the best or right time to make friends is before you need them means that don’t make friends when you are going through difficult times make friends when you find someone just like you, then those friends will help you out in your difficult times.  If you are looking for best friendship quote you can use this quotes for friendship.

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