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When you struggle with your partner, you are struggling with yourself. Every fault you see in them touches a denied weakness in yourself.” – Deepak Chopra

In this quote on love the writer Deepak chopra describing that my night has become a sunny dawn because of you.  This is a very beautiful quotes about the love in which the writer Deepak chopra is a Hindi writer describing a true relationship about the love.  He is also writes on romantic things; The true love can change even your life and your mind.  These quotes on love have very beautiful lines that are describing a true relationship or a true love.  When a person is in love he feels out of the world because true love can change your life.  He always thinks about her love.  He care her, he feels happiest to when he remains in front of her.  All these are the signs of the true love and quotes on love describe it.  So these lines on love describes that now a day there is no any time for each other.  People are in hurry.  There is no any time for each other.  But these quotes describe true feelings on love and encourage us to do love with one another.  This is very beautiful quote on love that describes I feels my night sunny when you are with me or in front of me.  In this quote the Deepak chopra explain about the struggle for the partner and saying that when your struggle with your partner, you are struggling for yourself.  Every fault you see in them touches denied weakness in yourself.  It means that in love there is no thing that is personal between them all your things are her and all thing that are of her are your.  So we can say that this the true image of a lover life.  Your weakness is her weakness and her weakness wills weak you.  So if you are looking for best quotes on relation. You can use this quote on relation.  This is suited for a best relation.  If you want to make a happy life with her you will struggle for all of her problem because her problems are your problem and if he fails to solve her problem than that is the failure of you. If you are looking for a best life or a best love you will always work on these words and will get a beautiful relation.  So this is the quotes on relation that inspire you for a best and true relation.

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